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How to configure cluster quorum using as a share Windows 2008-12

Here is a document described,how to configure a cluster which quorum from a file share from a third server.

Windows 2008-12 cluster quorum using as file share


How to increase Terminal connections

Below the document show how to allow more connections using some registry tweaks

Terminal connections increase


Overview of TS Licensing

Configuring License Settings on a Terminal Server


How to reset RDC client license on Windows 7?

How to reset the 90 temporary license with Terminal Server/Win2k

How to Reset a 120-Day Terminal Server Timeout

Reset Terminal license on Windows 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) is a software tool released by Microsoft to determine security state by assessing missing security updates and less-secure security settings within Microsoft Windows, Windows components such as Internet Explorer, IIS web server, and products Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Office macro settings. Security updates are determined by the current version of MBSA using the Windows Update Agent present on Windows computers since Windows 2000 Service Pack 3.


Resize a Windows Azure VM’s Root/C Drive

Using this method you can work entirely with the disks in Azure.

Configure Network Level Authentication for Remote Desktop Services Connections

Network Level Authentication is an authentication method that can be used to enhance RD Session Host server security by requiring that the user be authenticated to the RD Session Host server before a session is created.
Network Level Authentication completes user authentication before you establish a remote desktop connection and the logon screen appears. This is a more secure authentication method that can help protect the remote computer from malicious users and malicious software. The advantages of Network Level Authentication are:
 It requires fewer remote computer resources initially. The remote computer uses a limited number of resources before authenticating the user, rather than starting a full remote desktop connection as in previous versions.
 It can help provide better security by reducing the risk of denial-of-service attacks.
To use Network Level Authentication, you must meet the following requirements:
 The client computer must be using at least Remote Desktop Connection 6.0.
 The client computer must be using an operating system, such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP with Service Pack 3, that supports the Credential Security Support Provider (CredSSP) protocol.
 The RD Session Host server must be running Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2008.
Use the following procedure to configure Network Level Authentication for a connection.

Configure Network Level Authentication for Remote Desktop Services Connections

How to Activate or Renew Symate License

After your Symantec  trial expired what need to be do.Below the document shows how will activate or renew license.

How to Activate Symate License

License Types and Policy

SEP EE Licensing guide



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