Adding certificates using commands

cat foo.crt > /etc/pki/certs/ca.crt

Enable the dynamic CA configuration feature:
update-ca-trust enable

copy and update store
sudo cp foo.crt /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/foo.crt

Update the CA store

sudo update-ca-certificates

Certutil –addstore –f “TrustedPublisher” <pathtocertificatefile>
Certutil –addstore –f “CA” <pathtocertificatefile> for intermediate
certutil -addstore “Root” “c:\cacert.cer” for root
certutil -addstore “MY” “<pathtocertificatefile>” for local/personal
certutil -addstore “spc” “<pathtocertificatefile>” for software publisher certificates
certutil -addstore “user_created_store “<pathtocertificatefile>” for name of a user-created certificate store

AddressBook -> specifies “Other People” store
Trust -> specifies “Enterprise Trust” store
TrustedPublisher -> specifies “Trusted Publishers” store

certutil –f –p [certificate_password] –importpfx C:\[certificate_path_and_name].pfx


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