Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier is an online file storage web service that provides storage for data archiving and backup.
It is low cost ,storage costs $0.01 per gigabyte per month.

Amazon Glacier supports data transfer over SSL and automatically encrypts your data at rest. You can also control access to your data using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Files and folders are stored in Amazon Glacier containers called “vaults.”(as many as 1,000 vaults per region) Amazon calls all the stuff in your Glacier vaults “archives.” These can be a single file or you can zip multiple files and folders into a single archive, which can be as large as 40TB.

How to use
1: Sign Up for Amazon Web Services
2: Create a Security Access Key for Your Amazon Glacier Account
3: Create a Vault in Glacier
4: Download and Install an Amazon Glacier Client
5: Connect Your Amazon Glacier Client to Your Account
6: Automate Your Backups
Glacier calculator


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