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What is QR code

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode)designed for the Denso-wave automotive industry in Japan.

A QR code consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device (such as a camera).This can use store more datas compaired to convetsional barcodes.

Typically, a smartphone is used as a QR code scanner, displaying the code and converting it to some useful form (such as a standard URL for a website, thereby obviating the need for a user to type it into a web browser). The QR code has become a focus of advertising strategy, since it provides a way to access a brand’s website more quickly than by manually entering a URL.

Code reader can downloaded from application store for android and i phones.

How to generate code

It is easy to using code generation applications or a sites( or or and provide the information you want there.


what is hiberfil.sys and how to remove

Windows has two power management modes that you can choose from: one is Sleep Mode, which keeps the PC running in a low power state so you can almost instantly get back to what you were working on. The other is Hibernate mode, which completely writes the memory out to the hard drive, and then powers the PC down entirely, so you can even take the battery out, put it back in, start back up, and be right back where you were.

Hibernate mode uses the hiberfil.sys file to store the the current state (memory) of the PC, and since it’s managed by Windows, you can’t delete the file.

Disable Hibernate (and Delete hiberfil.sys) in Windows 7 or Vista

You’ll need to open an administrator mode command prompt by right-clicking on the command prompt in the start menu, and then choosing Run as Administrator. Once you’re there, type in the following command:

powercfg -h off
Disabling Hibernate Mode in Windows XP

It’s a lot easier in Windows XP to get rid of Hibernate mode… in fact, we’ve already covered it before, but we’ll cover it again. Just head into Control Panel –> Power Options, and then find the Hibernate tab.

Uncheck the box, reboot your PC, and then you can delete the hiberfil.sys file.

How to Browser Default Language changing

Below documents shows how to change default language in Internet Explorer,Mozilla and Chrome.

Browser Default Language changing

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