TMG2010-End Of Life

Microsoft discontinued(EOL-End Of Life)Forefront TMG 2010 product.Thismeans

there will not be another new version of TMG in the future, and there will be

no more feature enhancements made to TMG (only security updates and bug

fixes),But announced will continue to provide mainstream support for TMG until

April 14, 2015, and extended support until April 14, 2020. The Forefront TMG

2010 Web Protection Services (WPS) will be discontinued on December 31, 2015.

Beginning on January 1, 2016, Web Protection Services (URL filtering,

virus/malicious software scanning, and Network Inspection System) will

continue to function but will no longer receive updates.

This is the time to think to considering a replacement for your Forefront TMG

2010 firewall deployed your network.

AS per Richard Hicks from Celestix networks,Microsoft OEM partner They also

stated that they would discontinue selling TMG later that year.


There is no reason reported from Microsoft,but seems to be Forefront TMG 2010

cannot be installed on the latest release of the Windows Server operating

system(windows 2012).Supported OS is(recommended os by Microsoft is Windows

Server 2008 R2 which is not as secure as Windows Server 2012 R2.Also, not

possible to install Forfront on Windows Server core


Medium to large enterprise want more than the basic protection capabilities

and not likely to rely on Windows Defender (or Microsoft Security Essentials).
Read Microsoft official annoncement of product lifecycle.


So,what is the replacement for TMG used places

Replacing TMG with UTM
Celestix MSA



Web cache/accelerator/filter/proxy:Sqiud/varnish/Nginx


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