Microsoft retire its Windows Live Messenger service

A recent wide spred report that Windows Live Messenger (nearly 0.1 Billion users)would be closed on october 31, 2014 , forcing all users to switch to using Skype (Windows Live Messenger will be replaced everywhere else by Skype, which Microsoft acquired in October 2011)to continue on their instant messaging.
MSN once attracted over 20 million users in China. The number has dropped sharply due to the rapid development of mobile communication technology and challenges from domestic rivals such as QQ, WeChat and Sina Weibo. The Windows 8 system, another service provided by Microsoft, is also struggling in the Chinese market.

Little history

MSN (originally The Microsoft Network; stylized as msn) is a collection of Internet websites and services provided by Microsoft for online service and Internet service provider on August 24, 1995, to coincide with the release of the Windows 95 operating system.
MSN launched an instant messaging service in 1999 to compete with AOL Instant Messenger, which was originally known as ‘MSN Messenger Service’ and was later shortened to simply ‘MSN Messenger’. The underlying technology later became known as ‘.NET Messenger Service’ and then simply ‘Messenger’, while Windows Live Messenger was the name of the main program used to access the service beginning in 2006. Regardless, the term ‘MSN’ had come to be synonymous with the service in Internet slang. Microsoft phased out Messenger and integrated it into Skype in 2013. Microsoft started to phase out MSN Messenger (also known as Windows Live Messenger) globally in April 2013 and it will be completely shut down on October 31, 2014.



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