W2k8 2008 features to diagnosing performance-related issues on a system by report

Windows Server 2008 features to diagnosing performance-related issues on a system viewing by report.

To generate a System Diagnostics Report, run the perfmon /report command from the Run line or from a command prompt.  Generating a System Diagnostics Report requires privilege elevation, so you will need to consent to the elevation prompt or provide credentials depending on how UAC is configured on your systems

features include:
•Data collector sets — Data collector sets are used to create a reusable monitoring object for different scenarios, such as creating baselines.
•Wizards and templates for creating logs — The performance logs and alerts features have been rolled into the Performance and Reliability Monitor. Microsoft has also added a set of wizards that help you add counters to log files and give you the ability to set the start, stop and duration of those counters.
•Resource View — In earlier versions of Windows, if you wanted to take a real-time view of your customers’ CPU, disk, network and memory usage, you had to use Task Manager — and the data was only available for a limited time. The Performance and Reliability Monitor has the Resource View screen for viewing those functions, and it also has the ability to drill down and see which processes are using which resources.
•Reliability Monitor — The Reliability Monitor collects data about your system and calculates what Microsoft calls a System Stability Index. The System Stability Index report shows any issues that have made the system less reliable over a period of time. The report also contains steps you can take to help troubleshoot the root cause of the issue.
•Unified property configuration — The interface for creating a monitoring action is the same whether you create a log activity or a data collector set. The ability to create and manage objects from a single location significantly reduces the time it takes to set up the monitoring that your customers require.
•Diagnostic reports — With the Performance and Reliability Monitor, there are a number of out-of-the-box reports that you can view to help analyze and troubleshoot your customers’ systems.

How to create/view System Diagnostic Reports from Reliability and Performance Monitor utility:

Just run the perfmon /report command


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