Better approch to organize disk partitions

Separate your operating system from your data by creating two disk partitions.

Leave Windows and your programs on the C: partition.This will get filled with latest update each month when patching the servers and also temporary files are in the systems partition,so it will rapidly change size, potentially making a file system full.

Applications,need to be installed on different drives.

If the server is using for DataBase,put data files on another drive. Also for using high end applications such as DataBases configure page file(pagefile.sys) on different drive(do remember your system will not boot ,if the drive has delete).

Theoretically a, page file should be 1.5 times the RAM available on server however,
practically it’s not always feasible to set huge amount of page file on server as it
requires very large disk space configured with more RAM. For the server’s with heavy amount of RAM, you might want to limit the Page File size equal some GB at least.
Benefit for this approches

If you keep Windows and your programs in one partition and your data files in another,
you’ll be able to make restorations faster and more easily.

I/O read /write speed will be faster than from a single drive.

Increased Security – There is increased data security, since your data is now on another
partition. Malware that affects or scan files on only one single drive will not scan your
data partition.

Improved Performance – you can defragment your OS drive for max performance, and not worry
about it being fragmented so fast, since data (where it changes the most), resides on
another partition.

System partitions rapidly filled and get drive warnings all the times.
Performance issues.
Chances to server crashes.


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