SVN installation under linux

yum install httpd
yum -y install subversion mod_dav_svn
mkdir -p /var/www/svn/repository
cd /var/www/svn/repository
svnadmin create test_svn
chown -R apache.apache svn
vim subversion.conf
vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
/etc/init.d/httpd restart
cd /var/www/svn/repository/
vi activities.
vi activities.dir
vi svnserve.conf
lsof | grep svn
strings activities.pag |less
svnadmin help
svnadmin list-dblogs
svnadmin list-dblogs /var/www/svn/repository/
svn co /var/www/svn/repository/test_svn/
svn status
#command to type svn as a service
svnserve -d
ps -ef|egrep -ir svn
rpm -ql subversion
rpm -ql subversion|egrep -ir init
rpm -ql subversion|egrep -ir init|less
rpm -ql subversion|egrep -ir scri
ps -ef|egrep -ir svn
netstat -anp|less
svn co  http://svnadmin:svnadmin@localhost:3690/test_svn
svn co file://var/www/svn/repository/test_svn/
svn co file:///var/www/svn/repository/test_svn/
svn update

client(tortoise svn)
svncheckout(add url-
repobrowser open create dir-create files
then svn commit
svn update after changing


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