Memory checks in windows-commanline

Findout Available Local Memory
systeminfo |find “Available Physical Memory”

systeminfo | findstr /C:”Total Physical Memory”

Remote system
systeminfo /s:hostname | findstr “Physical”
systeminfo /s <system> /u <username> /p <password>
wmic /node:”IP” /user:IP\username “MEMPHYSICAL”

Total Memory in system
wmic memorychip get capacity
wmic OS get TotalVisibleMemorySize /Value
wmic computersystem get TotalPhysicalMemory
wmic memphysical list full
wmic memorychip list full

Free memory
wmic OS get FreePhysicalMemory /Value

Note:in xp can use ‘mem’ command

Powershell command
(Get-WMIObject Win32_PhysicalMemory |  Measure-Object Capacity -Sum).sum/1GB

Information about your memory
wmic MemoryChip get BankLabel, Capacity, MemoryType, TypeDetail, Speed

Memorychip information
wmic memorychip list full
wmic memorychip get capacity

TASKLIST displays the process ID number for each running task
Tasklist /M

Find more memory using application
tasklist /fi “memusage gt 1000000”

tasklist /s:IP /fi “memusage gt 1000000”

Powershell command
get-process | where-object {$_.WorkingSet -gt 100000000}

memory healths checks and report
perfmon /report


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