Alexa – Web site tool

Alexa is a internet based web traffic toolbar , which collects data on browsing behavior and

transmits it to the Alexa website, where it is stored and analyzed, forming the basis for the

company’s web traffic reporting.Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based subsidiary company of

The history of name ,Alexa Internet was founded in 1996 by American web entrepreneurs Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat. The company’s name was chosen in homage to the Library of

Alexandria, drawing a parallel between the largest repository of knowledge in the ancient

world and the potential of the Internet to become a similar store of knowledge.

Alexa is a complete toolkit for website owners that gives you metrics, tools and analysis to

increase web traffic and succeed online. It offers you accurate traffic metrics, automated site

scans, SEO recommendations, and much more.

Features like
Uptime Monitor
Site Comparisons
Traffic Sources
Benchmark with others
Site Audits
SEO Audits
SEM Insights

You can install alexa tool bar as a add on in IE/firefox/Chrome.


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