9 Tips to audit your network

Here are some tips to handle the network and how to audit in a regular basis. This is only for the windows based network
Auditing the network
Administrators are lazy to do this job. It should be managed in a proper way. In real case what is happening is user creation is happen when employees join to the company, but the accounts will exists even the employee moved from the company. It is not a good practice if you are using exchange servers.
Rule1.  User creation, deletion, email accounts manage
Rule2.  Group adding, permission settings
Rule3.  Sharing permission set
Monitor network
Make report based RAM, CPU, DISKUSAGE (Tuning)
Test with normal (no application) make a note (file R1)
Test with load (with application) make a note (file R2)
Test with load for long (application running for long time) make a note (file R3)
Calculate the difference for any memory leakage
Backup server (monitor)
Disk utilization of backup servers will be high compare to other servers .So need to monitor backup servers in regular manner .Once in a while  defrag the disk and get the performance. Enable disk quotas to avoid dumping unnecessary data’s to the server. It is good to use high availability clusters or DFS to avoid the crashes. Make an identical standby server (keep a standby server to use whenever primary one fails and can easily to restore the data’s from tapes).
Create backup management policy
Automatic backup for servers
Service pack and hot fix
Automated with WSUS and monitor the logs
Real case: sometimes after installations of hot fixes system won’t work (never boot).so create a emergency repair disk and use for   rollback.
Test the service packs in test environment before applying to live and scheduled the time
Additional CALs, servers, resources
Make reports for Servers and  helpdesks operations etc
Servers: dns, dhcp, ads, bkp, wsus, sql, avserver, mail, web, ftp
Eventviwer, zone files, zone directory, dhcp lease, FRS, other logs etc.
Traffic analysis (nw management protocol)
Observe the net utilizations, band with throttling, protocol usages etc .Use additional software  if required.etherial is good free tool to analyze the ongoing protocol, traffic status. For monitoring
bandwidth usage of all systems use ntop. Use MRTG, Percival for monitor Network traffic.

AD management tool

One of the most important things in widows domain is Active directory related problems. To avoid the problems, use to monitor replications, monitor dns, dhcp, etc.

Support tools(Microsoft)

Install Microsoft support tools and use it for find the problems in your domain, network etc.


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