xfs filesystem in fedora

XFS is a high-performance journaling file system created by Silicon Graphics, Inc. It is the default file system in IRIX releases 5.3 and onwards and later ported to the Linux kernel. XFS is particularly proficient at parallel IO due to its allocation group based design. This enables extreme scalability of IO threads, filesystem bandwidth, file and filesystem size when spanning multiple storage devices.The filesystem was released under the GNU General Public License in May 2000, and ported to Linux, with the first distribution support appearing in 2001.

* Scalable features and performance from small to truly huge data (petabytes)
* Huge numbers of files (millions)
* Exceptional performance: 500+ MBytes/second
* Designed with log/database (journal) technology as a fundamental part not just an extension to an existing filesystem
* Mission-critical reliability

Scalability of the file system is 2^63  = 9223372036854775808 ie= 9 x 10^18 = 9 exabytes

Installing and configuring XFS on Fedora

#yum install xfsprogs

Find the drive to convert XFS

#fdisk  -l

Create a Volume and mount

mkdir volumename
#mkdir /mog
mount -t xfs /dev/sdc /mog

Edit the file in fstab

#echo “/dev/sdc /volume xfs noatime 0 0” >> /etc/fstab

#cat /etc/fstab



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