CloudBerry Windows Azure Explorer Freeware

CloudBerry Windows Azure Explorer Freeware features
Data Storage & Management
Azure Blob Storage management
Create, browse, and delete containers and files in Windows Azure Blob Storage.
Synchronize content of Azure and local folders.
Favorite Folders
Select a container (with the path) and a folder to create a Favorites entry and then quickly navigate to it when needed.
Windows PowerShell Support
Automate common tasks with Windows PowerShell.
Data Access
ACL Editor
Manage access permission to any of your objects by setting up ‘Access Control List’. ACL will also apply to all ‘child objects’ inside containers.
Data Transfer
Resumable Upload Support
Upload large files.
Website Hosting and File Sharing
URL Generation
Generate time limited/signed, CNAME or default web URLs with Azure client by CloudBerry.
HTTP headers
Manage http headers across single or multiple files.
Azure Storage Analytics support
Track, analyze, and debug your usage of Azure storage.
Capacity Reports
Quickly see within Azure client which container consumes the most of the space and how it compares to others.

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