Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)in 2012

AD DS installation process is built on Windows PowerShell, integrated with

Server Manager, able to target multiple servers, and remotely deploy

domain controllers, which results in a deployment experience that is

simpler, more consistent, and less time consuming. The following figure

shows the AD DS Configuration Wizard in Windows Server 2012.

Adprep.exe integration into the AD DS installation process

The offline domain-join feature that was added to AD DS in Windows Server

2008 R2 effectively allows client computers to be joined to a domain

without requiring network connectivity to a domain controller, but the

client computer could not also be preconfigured for DirectAccess as part

of the domain join.

A computer can be domain-joined over the Internet if the domain is

DirectAccess enabled.

The Active Directory Recycle Bin feature introduced with Windows Server

2008 R2 provided an architecture permitting complete object recovery.

The Fine-Grained Password Policy (FGPP) introduced with Windows Server

2008 provided more precise management of password-policies. In order to

leverage the feature, administrators had to manually create password-

settings objects (PSOs). It proved difficult to ensure that the manually

defined policy-values behaved as desired, which resulted in time-

consuming, trial and error administration.


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