Volume shadow copy service

Shadow Copy (Volume Snapshot Service, Volume Shadow Copy Service or VSS), is a technology that allows taking manual or automatic backup copies or snapshots of data, even if it has a lock, on a specific volume at a specific point in time over regular intervals.

Snapshots have two primary purposes: they allow the creation of consistent backups of a volume, ensuring that the contents cannot change while the backup is being made; and they avoid problems with file locking. By creating a read-only copy of the volume, backup programs are able to access every file without interfering with other programs writing to those same files.

Enabling Volume Shadow Copy
All of the VSS configuration options are accessible through Windows’ Disk Management Console. You can access the Disk Management Console by entering the DISKMGMT.MSC command at the Run prompt.

Shadow Copy Clients
To configure your workstations so that they can access the shadow copy files.To do so, you must create a network share on your server that allows clients to access the server’s %SYSTEMROOT%\TWCLIENT\X86 folder.

Once the location has been shared, go to a client machine and run the TWCLI32.MSI program found in this folder.

Command                                                                            Description
Vssadmin add shadowstorage                                      Adds a volume shadow copy storage     association.
Vssadmin create shadow                                                 Creates a new volume shadow copy.
Vssadmin delete shadows                                              Deletes volume shadow copies.
Vssadmin delete shadowstorage                                 Deletes volume shadow copy storage     associations.
Vssadmin list providers                                                   Lists registered volume shadow copy     providers.
Vssadmin list shadows                                                    Lists existing volume shadow copies.
Vssadmin list shadowstorage                                      Lists all shadow copy storage associations on  the system.
Vssadmin list volumes                                                    Lists volumes that are eligible for shadow copies.
Vssadmin list writers                                                       Lists all subscribed volume shadow copy  writers on the system.
Vssadmin resize shadowstorage                                 Resizes the maximum size for a shadow copy storage association.


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