Windows8-A modernized platform from Microsoft

According to the Windows Design Team, Windows 8 has been “reimagined from the chipset to the user experience,” whereas Windows 7 was intended to be a more focused, incremental upgrade to the Windows line. Windows 8 features a new user interface based on Microsoft’s Metro design language, similar to that in Windows Phone. The new interface is designed to better suit touchscreen input, along with traditional mouse and keyboard input.

Windows8 adds support for the ARM processor architecture
ARM is a reduced instruction set computer (RISC) instruction set architecture (ISA) developed by ARM Holdings. It was named the Advanced RISC Machine and, before that, the Acorn RISC Machine. The ARM architecture is the most widely used 32-bit instruction set architecture in numbers produced.This is give more battery life and lower power consumption.

New features
The traditional desktop environment for running desktop applications is treated as a Metro app. The Start button has been removed from the taskbar in favor of a Start button on the new charm bar, as well as a hotspot in the bottom-left corner. Both open the new Start screen, which replaces the Start menu.

The boot manager, which is used at startup to select the operating system now uses a graphical interface that allows touch and mouse input. It can also be expanded via the settings menu.

Internet Explorer 10 will be included as a Metro-style app, which will not support plugins or ActiveX components, but includes a version of Adobe Flash Player that is optimized for touch and low power usage and works only on sites included on a whitelist. The desktop version includes the full version of Flash Player, as well as support for plugins.

It is now possible to log into Windows using a Microsoft account. This will allow the user’s profile and settings to be synchronized over the Internet and accessible from other computers running Windows 8, as well as integration with SkyDrive.

Windows Store has been added for purchasing and downloading Metro apps as well as advertising desktop apps. Windows Store will be the only way to acquire software for Windows RT.

Two new authentication methods have been added: picture password, which allows users to log in by drawing three gestures in different places on a picture,and PIN log in, which allows users to authenticate using a four digit pin.

File Explorer will include a ribbon toolbar, and have its file operation progress dialog updated to provide more detailed statistics, the ability to pause file transfers, and improvements in the ability to manage conflicts when copying files.

Hybrid Boot will use hibernation technology to allow faster startup times by saving the Windows core’s memory to the hard disk and reloading it upon boot.

Windows To Go will allow Windows 8 Enterprise to boot and run from a bootable USB device (such as a flash drive).

Two new recovery functions are included, Refresh and Reset. Refresh restores all Windows files to their original state while keeping settings, files, and Metro-style apps, while reset takes the computer back to factory default condition.

USB 3.0 is now supported natively.

A new lock screen displays a clock and notifications while the computer is locked.

Task Manager has been redesigned.

Xbox Live integration (including Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Companion and Xbox Music)

Storage Spaces will allow users to combine different sized hard disks into virtual drives and specify mirroring, parity, or no redundancy on a folder-by-folder basis.

Family Safety will allow parents to protect their children on the Internet, as well as monitor and control their PC and Internet activities and usage.

Windows Defender now has anti-virus capabilities, similar to those of Microsoft Security Essentials. It is intended to replace the Security Essentials package and function as the default anti-virus program.

system requirements
Minimum 1 GHz CPU(32/64 Bit),1GB RAM for 32bit and 2GB for 64bit and a Storage of 16 GB for 32bit and 20 GB for 64bit

Windows 8 Release Preview


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