WebFarm and Web Garden

Web Farm and Web Garden

Commonly using terminology for ASP . NET production deployment.
In production environment  Which handles millions of user hits that needs to be serviced by the web site deployed on multiple servers for better scalability and availability.

Web Farm
A web application hosting on a multiple servers to serve millions of  user requests behind in a Load Balancer.

Internet Cloud ——-> Virtual IP(LoadBalancer)———-> Web Servers
Advantages of Web Farm
Large handling capacity
High availability and better performance
Optimum utilization (resources shared to service clients)
Centralized monitoring and administration of web sessions

Web Garden
IIS request processed by a worker process(W3WP.EXE).Each application pool default contain at least have a one worker process and each worker process have there own thread and memory space.So an application pool that have multiple worker process is Web Garden.

Advantages of Web Garden
Application availability increases
Optimum utilization (processes running on multiple processors on a single server)
Finer grained partitioning of Web servers help to control the administration of web sites individually, though they reside on the same server.

Configure Web Garden
Right Click on Application Pool > Properties > GoTo Performance Tab In bottom Group Section Increase the Worker Process Count.

Application Pool Recycling
It is a configuration settings that control the conditions that trigger IIS to restart an application pool when the worker process virtual memory and physical memory usage reaches a specific threshold.


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