AD snapshot from windows 2008

AD snapshot from windows 2008
There is a new feature from windows 2008 for backup is AD snapshot(VSS- volume shadow copy service allow to take a snapshot of AD backup).

How to take AD snapshot
Start > CMD > ntdsutil and type snapshot from ntdsutil
ntdsutil: snapshot
snapshot: active instance ntds
snapshot: create

this wll create snapshot and quit from there
snapshot: quit
ntdsutil: quit

And now our AD backup is ready.So next we need to mount the snapshot to access

again go to ntdsutil
ntdsutil: snapshot
snapshot: list all

this will list all the available snapshots,select the right one

snapshot: mount(which is the one you want choose) and quit

snapshot: quit
ntdsutil: quit

Once snapshot is mounted quit from ntdsutil use dsamain command to bind with ldap(different port)

dsamain –dbpath c:\$SNAP_name_VOLUMEC$\WINDOWS\NTDS\ntds.dit –ldapport 10389(what ever the port you want)

Now the data is ready to access using LDAP

Start > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers > Change Domain Controller > Type Directory Server name [:port]


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