why cpu-memory is high-tools to check

When a cpu or memory causing high usage issues,Windows Task Manager is quite a limited tool to know the related applications or libraries in use .So here i am talking free tools to use such conditions.

Process Explorer
In a previous blog,in septomber i have described Process Explorer tools.
Process Explorer lists(list is shown in a tree structure, and everything is displayed in a two-panel window) every running application on your PC, as well as information about running processes and open files.

This tool (doesn’t require installation) analyzes and displays all active processes on your system, including details about their use of CPU and RAM, their full path and many other useful data.

Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor (YAPM) is an  application that allows to view and manage your running tasks, processes, threads, modules on on a local or on a remote machine.This is opensource tools under GNU GPL 3.0

BES – Battle Encoder Shirase
BES is a small tool that throttles the CPU usage for the process you “target”: for instance, you can limit the CPU usage of a process which would use CPU 100%, down to 50% (or any percentage you’d like). With this, you can use other programs comfortably while doing something CPU-intensive in the background.

By limiting the CPU load, you can also cool down your CPU immediately when it happens to get too hot.

read nice windows gadget tools here


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