How to check user lastlogon status from a domain

There is a tool from microsoft to find user infomations(it is not visible with default user infomation tab from a user property of ADUC(ActiveDirectoryUsers and Computers)This is an additional feature.

Download and Install Additional Account Info

This is how to get the Active Directory additional account info tab.

1. Download acctinfo.dll or acctinfo in zip format
2. Copy acctinfo.dll to the %systemroot%\system32 folder
3. Register the service and dll with this command:
regsvr32 acctinfo (Similar to registering the schema snap-in)
4. Close, then open Active Directory Users and Computers.
5. Look for an extra tab called Additional Account Info.

The additional features are
* Password Last Set and Password Expires
* User Account Control, for example a value of 512 means enabled or 514 disabled. Also a value of 66048 (see diagram) means that the account cannot be locked out.
* Whether the account has been locked out – or not. (Locked: No)
* SID and GUID
* Last Logon, Logoff times
* Logon Count, Bad Password Count


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