Tesrminal server and services

Tesrminal server primarly enables to connect serial devices(RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 ) to a Local area Netwok

Terminal service
Terminal Services provides remote access to a desktop through thin client software,allowing the client computer to serve as a terminal emulator. Terminal Services transmits only the GUI of the user session to the client. The client returns keyboard and mouse clicks (KVM information), which are processed by the server.

Microsoft Terminal Services
In 2008 microsoft used TS Gateway uses Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) tunnelled over Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS). By using TS Gateway,can make secure and encrypted connections between users on the Web and the remote production application computers. The connection is made by using port 443.

Installing and Configuring TS Gateway
1 Installing the TS Gateway role service
2 Server Manager to add the Terminal Services role and then select the TS Gateway role service and add the required role services.
3 Configure IIS Settings
4 Configure a server certificate
5 Create a Connection Access Policy (CAP) for the TS Gateway Server and select users
6 CAP(Connection Access Policy) a name and select the authentication method
7 Create resource groups
8 Create a Remote Access Policy (RAP) for the TS Gateway Server
9 Deploy a NPS(Network Policy and Access Service)

Configure the TS Gateway client (RDC 6.1) settings
1 Ran mstsc.exe and configured it for the TS Gateway type TS gateway settings(options > advanced >settings)and connect with username and password

Note:In case certificate error export certificate(mmc > cerificates > export) from the server and import it to client


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