JBoss Application Server

JBoss Application Server (or JBoss AS) is a cross platform( usable on any operating system that supports Java) open-source Java EE-based application server. JBoss AS was developed by JBoss, now a division of Red Hat.

Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) support
Deployment API
Distributed caching (using JBoss Cache, a standalone product)
Distributed deployment (farming)
Enterprise JavaBeans versions 3 and 2.1
Failover (including sessions)
Hibernate integration (for persistence programming; Java Persistence API or JPA)
Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) integration
Java Management Extensions
Java Server Pages (JSP) / Java Servlet 2.1/2.5 (Tomcat)
JBossWS (JBoss Web Services) for Java EE web services like JAX-WS
Load balancing
Management API
OSGi framework
RMI-IIOP (JacORB, contraction of Java and CORBA)
SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ)
Teiid data virtualization system

Latest stable version (AS7)Design flexibility.
•Unparalleled Speed
In the highly optimized boot process of AS 7, services are started concurrently to eliminate unnecessary waits and to tap into the power of multi-core processors. Non-critical services are kept on ice until first use.

•Modular Design
AS 7 does classloading right. It uses JBoss Modules to provide true application isolation, hiding server implementation classes from the application and only loading the classes your application needs. Modules, packaged as collections of classes, are peers that remain isolated unless explicitly defined as a dependency of another module. Visibility rules have sensible defaults, yet can be customized.

•Exceptionally Lightweight
These optimizations enable AS 7 to run with stock JVM settings and on small devices. It also leaves more headroom for application data and supports higher scalability.Server profiles can be used to trim unneeded capabilities, allowing to make the server as lean as possible.

•Elegant Administration
The centralized configuration also unifies management. The same configuration file can be used for multiple servers in domain mode. In contrast, standalone mode controls a single instance, similar to how previous versions of JBoss AS were launched.

•Strict Compliance
more strict compliance to the portability expectations of our community of users.

•Easily Testable
Arquillian—a component model for integration tests that execute inside the real runtime environment.
By removing the clutter from your tests and handling deployment and test execution, Arquillian enables you to write tests for just about any use case your application encounters: real tests.

•First class, modern components
Hibernate Core(http://www.hibernate.org/)
 Apache CXF(http://cxf.apache.org/)

Installing and starting JBoss AS on Windows
download from:http://www.jboss.org/jbossas/downloads/

JBoss Web comes with Windows service executable that can run JBoss Web Server as service.

Remember it is a java based,so check java installed properly(supported version,use JDK and path is added)

check with “java -version” command java is installed

Installing service
To install the JBoss Web server as Windows service use the provided service.bat batch file

Change directory to the JBossWeb bin directory
C:\> cd c:\jbossweb-4.0.4RC1-windows-i586\bin
 Install the service
C:\> service.bat install

Starting the service
To start the JBoss Web server as Windows service use Control pannel or net start command.

Start the service
C:\> net start JBossWebServer
The JBoss Web Server 4 service is starting.

 The JBoss Web Server 4 service was started successfully.
check it is working
Open browser, enter URL: http://localhost:8080

Stop the service
C:\> net stop JBossWebServer
The JBoss Web Server 4 service was stopped successfully.

Removing the service
To remove the JBoss Web server as Windows service use the provided service.bat batch file.

C:\> service.bat uninstall

Change directory to the JBossWeb bin directory
C:\> cd c:\jbossweb-4.0.4RC1-windows-i586\bin



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