Remove windows firewall

you can’t uninstall the Windows Firewall completely. You can however delete some very essential things. E.g. you can easily delete the GUI by deleting the Control Panel applet, in XP simply called firewall.cpl (in C:\WINDOWS\system32). You can also delete the Windows Firewall Background Service by typing sc delete [name of service] in the Command Prompt. In XP the service name is SharedAccess, so you would type sc delete SharedAccess.

in case someone would want to delete Windows Firewall’s service on XP computer (Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)):
do not delete it, just change its settings to start manually or disable it.

Procedure to completely remove it:

To start off click start=====>run in the box type services.msc scroll
down to where it displays “Windows Firewall/Internet Connection
Sharing (ICS)” when highlighted right click and select “properties”
in the dropdown menu where it says “startup type” left click and
select “disabled” click ok and while still in the services window and
having the firewall highlighted click in blue letters Stop; Note: You
may get a error do not worry this is completely normal.

to exit the services window (your finally done with that) now the last step
Click Start====>Run and in the box type cmd a black window
should pop up. Now simply type sc delete Windows Firewall/Internet
Connection Sharing (ICS) Note: you may get an error again, this is  normal.


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