SSH Server in Windows Server 2008

SSH Server in Windows Server 2008

SSH is the secure shell,Preferrable remote connections network protocol in unix platform.It opens up a secure channel between two devices using TCP port 22. This channel can also be used for SFTP and SCP (secure FTP and secure copy, respectively).

There are two components one is a secure server and a client

Advantages of usages
> Remotely access the command line of your Windows 2008 Server
> Control the Server over the network, even if  GUI interface fails
> Remotely manage Win2008 Server from any device that has a SSH Client
> Encrypted connection that securely traverse the Internet

Available Server for windows 2008
——————————— – Free non-commercial SSH Server – SSH Tectia Client and Server (commercial)
OpenSSH – Free non-commercial SSH Server
Van Dyke – vShell 3.0 Server (commercial)
Free SSHd
WinSSHd (commercial)
Kpym Telnet/SSH Server
copSSH for Windows (a modified build of OpenSSH)
Sysax Multi-Server (SSH Server) for Windows

Van Dyke – SecureCRT (commercial)


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