SysAdmins Daily Routine

What is a SysAdmins Daily Routine.

There is nothing more a System Administrators can do his/her Daily Practice.

1) Monitoring CPU,Memory,Disk Utilizations and log files Analisys.

2) Regularly monitoring capturing Network usage.

3) Users Management and HelpDesk Support

4) Monitor Replications ,Taking backup and Implement Securities.

5) Maitaining documentation and Automate the tasks.

6) Update with Technologies and Educating/Training subordinates .

To Improve team efficiencies ,Reduce unplanned outages or unscheduled downtimes ,Improve security create a checklist or runbook.
Which define procedures for starting up/shutting down Services or Systems.
User/Group types of permissions and privileges.
Monitor software licenses purchased and installed.
Maintain programs and operating system updates.
Monitor Database sizes,user permissions.
Monitor web sites are up and running.

Tools can use
System/Network :-Cacti,GFI,Nagios,OpManager,PRTG,Solarwinds etc.
Backup :-Ace Backup,Areca,Bacula,Cobian,Comodo,FBackup,GFI Backup etc


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