TCP UDP Ports Numbers

Common ports numbers using TCP/UDP communications

Ports 0 to 1023
Port Description status
0/TCP,UDP Reserved; do not use (but is a permissible source port value if the sending process does not expect messages in response) Official
1/TCP,UDP TCPMUX (TCP port service multiplexer) Official
5/TCP,UDP RJE (Remote Job Entry) Official
7/TCP,UDP ECHO protocol Official
9/TCP,UDP DISCARD protocol Official
11/TCP,UDP SYSTAT protocol
13/TCP,UDP DAYTIME protocol Official
17/TCP,UDP QOTD (Quote of the Day) protocol Official
18/TCP,UDP Message Send Protocol Official
19/TCP,UDP CHARGEN (Character Generator) protocol Official
20/TCP,UDP FTP – data port Official
21/TCP,UDP FTP – control (command) port Official
22/TCP,UDP SSH (Secure Shell) – used for secure logins, file transfers (scp, sftp) and port forwarding Official
23/TCP,UDP Telnet protocol – unencrypted text communications Official
25/TCP,UDP SMTP – used for e-mail routing between mailservers E-mails Official
26/TCP,UDP RSFTP – A simple FTP-like protocol Unofficial
35/TCP,UDP QMS Magicolor 2 printer Unofficial
37/TCP,UDP TIME protocol Official
38/TCP,UDP Route Access Protocol Official
39/TCP,UDP Resource Location Protocol Official
41/TCP,UDP Graphics Official
42/TCP,UDP Host Name Server Official
43/TCP WHOIS protocol Official
49/TCP,UDP TACACS Login Host protocol Official
53/TCP,UDP DNS (Domain Name System) Official
57/TCP MTP, Mail Transfer Protocol
67/UDP BOOTP (BootStrap Protocol) server; also used by DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Official
68/UDP BOOTP client; also used by DHCP Official
69/UDP TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) Official
70/TCP Gopher protocol Official
79/TCP Finger protocol Official
80/TCP HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) – used for transferring web pages Official
80/TCP,UDP Skype – CONFLICT with HTTP listening ports Conflict
81/TCP Torpark – Onion routing ORport Unofficial
82/UDP Torpark – Control Port Unofficial
88/TCP Kerberos – authenticating agent Official
102/TCP ISO-TSAP protocol
107/TCP Remote Telnet Service
109/TCP POP, Post Office Protocol, version 2
110/TCP POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) – used for sending/retrieving E-mails Official
111/TCP,UDP SUNRPC protocol
113/TCP ident – old server identification system, still used by IRC servers to identify its users Official
115/TCP SFTP, Simple File Transfer Protocol
118/TCP,UDP SQL Services Official
119/TCP NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) – used for retrieving newsgroups messages Official
123/UDP NTP (Network Time Protocol) – used for time synchronization Official
137/TCP,UDP NetBIOS NetBIOS Name Service Official
138/TCP,UDP NetBIOS NetBIOS Datagram Service Official
139/TCP,UDP NetBIOS NetBIOS Session Service Official
143/TCP,UDP IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol 4) – used for retrieving E-mails Official
152/TCP,UDP BFTP, Background File Transfer Program
153/TCP,UDP SGMP, Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol
156/TCP,UDP SQL Service Official
158/TCP,UDP DMSP, Distributed Mail Service Protocol
161/TCP,UDP SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Official
170/TCP Print-srv
179/TCP BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Official
194/TCP IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Official
201/TCP,UDP AppleTalk Routing Maintenance
209/TCP,UDP The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
213/TCP,UDP IPX Official
218/TCP,UDP MPP, Message Posting Protocol
220/TCP,UDP IMAP, Interactive Mail Access Protocol, version 3
259/TCP,UDP ESRO, Efficient Short Remote Operations
264/TCP,UDP BGMP, Border Gateway Multicast Protocol
311/TCP Apple Server-Admin-Tool, Workgroup-Manager-Tool
318/TCP,UDP TSP, Time Stamp Protocol
323/TCP,UDP IMMP, Internet Message Mapping Protocol
366/TCP,UDP SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. ODMR, On-Demand Mail Relay
369/TCP,UDP Rpc2portmap Official
384/TCP,UDP A Remote Network Server System
387/TCP,UDP AURP, AppleTalk Update-based Routing Protocol
389/TCP,UDP LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Official
401/TCP,UDP UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Official
411/TCP Direct Connect Hub port Unofficial
427/TCP,UDP SLP (Service Location Protocol) Official
443/TCP,UDP HTTPS – HTTP Protocol over TLS/SSL (encrypted transmission) Official
444/TCP,UDP SNPP, Simple Network Paging Protocol
445/TCP Microsoft-DS (Active Directory, Windows shares, Sasser worm, Agobot, Zobotworm) Official
445/UDP Microsoft-DS SMB file sharing Official
464/TCP,UDP Kerberos Change/Set password Official
465/TCP SMTP over SSL – CONFLICT with registered Cisco protocol Conflict
500/TCP,UDP Isakmp, IKE-Internet Key Exchange Official
512/TCP exec, Remote Process Execution
512/UDP biff, Comsat
513/TCP Login
513/UDP Who
514/TCP rsh protocol – used to execute non-interactive commandline commands on a remote system and see the screen return
514/UDP syslog protocol – used for system logging Official
515/TCP Line Printer Daemon protocol – used in LPD printer servers
517/UDP Talk
518/UDP NTalk
520/TCP efs
513/UDP Router
524/TCP,UDP NCP (NetWare Core Protocol) is used for a variety things such as access to primary NetWare server resources, Time Synchronization, etc. Official
525/UDP Timed, Timeserver
530/TCP,UDP RPC Official
531/TCP,UDP AOL Instant Messenger, IRC Unofficial
532/TCP netnews
533/UDP netwall, For Emergency Broadcasts
540/TCP UUCP (Unix-to-Unix Copy Protocol) Official
542/TCP,UDP commerce (Commerce Applications) (RFC maintained by: Randy Epstein [repstein at]) Official
543/TCP klogin, Kerberos login
544/TCP kshell, Kerberos Remote shell
546/TCP,UDP DHCPv6 client
547/TCP,UDP DHCPv6 server
548/TCP AFP (Apple Filing Protocol)
550/UDP new-rwho, new-who
554/TCP RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) Official
556/TCP Remotefs, rfs, rfs_server
560/UDP rmonitor, Remote Monitor
561/UDP monitor
563/TCP,UDP NNTP protocol over TLS/SSL (NNTPS) Official
587/TCP email message submission (SMTP) (RFC 2476) Official
591/TCP FileMaker 6.0 Web Sharing (HTTP Alternate, see port 80) Official
593/TCP,UDP HTTP RPC Ep Map Official
631/TCP,UDP IPP, Internet Printing Protocol
636/TCP,UDP LDAP over SSL (encrypted transmission) Official
639/TCP,UDP MSDP, Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
646/TCP LDP, Label Distribution Protocol
647/TCP DHCP Failover Protocol
648/TCP RRP, Registry Registrar Protocol
652/TCP DTCP, Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol
654/TCP AODV, Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector
666/TCP, UDP id Software’s Doom multiplayer game played over TCP (666 is the Number of the Beast) Official
674/TCP ACAP, Application Configuration Access Protocol
691/TCP MS Exchange Routing Official
692/TCP Hyperwave-ISP
698/TCP OLSR, Optimized Link State Routing
699/TCP Access Network
700/TCP EPP, Extensible Provisioning Protocol
701/TCP LMP, Link Management Protocol.
702/TCP IRIS over BEEP
706/TCP SILC, Secure Internet Live Conferencing
711/TCP TDP, Tag Distribution Protocol
712/TCP TBRPF, Topology Broadcast based on Reverse-Path Forwarding
720/TCP SMQP, Simple Message Queue Protocol
749/TCP, UDP kerberos-adm, Kerberos administration
750/UDP Kerberos version IV
782/TCP Console Conserver (Console Server)
829/TCP CMP (Certificate Management Protocol)
873/TCP rsync File synchronisation protocol Official
901/TCP Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT) Unofficial
902 VMware Server[2] Unofficial
981/TCP SofaWare Technologies Remote HTTPS management for firewall devices running embedded Checkpoint Firewall-1 software Unofficial
989/TCP,UDP FTP Protocol (data) over TLS/SSL Official
990/TCP,UDP FTP Protocol (control) over TLS/SSL Official
991/TCP,UDP NAS (Netnews Admin System)
992/TCP,UDP Telnet protocol over TLS/SSL Official
993/TCP IMAP4 over SSL (encrypted transmission) Official
995/TCP POP3 over SSL (encrypted transmission) Official
[edit] (Registered) Ports 1024 to 49151
Port Description Status
1080/tcp SOCKS proxy Official
1099/tcp RMI Registry Official
1099/udp RMI Registry Official
1109/TCP Kerberos POP
1167/UDP phone, conference calling
1176/tcp Perceptive Automation Indigo home control server Official
1194/udp OpenVPN Official
1198/tcp, udp The cajo project Free dynamic transparent distributed computing in Java Official
1214/tcp Kazaa Official
1241/tcp, udp Nessus Security Scanner Official
1223/tcp, udp TGP: “TrulyGlobal Protocol” aka “The Gur Protocol” Official
1313/tcp Xbiim (Canvii server) Port Unofficial
1337/tcp DNS (not to be confused with standard DNS port). Often used on compromised/infected computers – “1337” a “Leet speak” version of “Elite”. See unregistered use below. Official
1337/tcp WASTE Encrypted File Sharing Program Unofficial, Conflict
1352/tcp IBM Lotus Notes/Domino RPC Official
1387/tcp Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM (cadsi-lm ) Official
1387/udp Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM (cadsi-lm ) Official
1414/tcp IBM MQSeries Official
1433/tcp, udp Microsoft SQL database system Official
1434/tcp, udp Microsoft SQL Monitor Official
1494/tcp Citrix MetaFrame ICA Client Official
1521/tcp Oracle database default listener – CONFLICT with registered use: nCube License Manager Unofficial, Conflict
1524/TCP ingresslock, ingress
1533/tcp IBM Sametime IM Official
1547/tcp Laplink Official
1547/udp Laplink Official
1627 iSketch Unofficial
1677/tcp Novell GroupWise clients in client/server access mode
1701/UDP l2tp, Layer 2 Tunnelling protocol
1723/tcp Microsoft PPTP VPN Official
1723/udp Microsoft PPTP VPN Official
1725/udp Valve Steam Client Unofficial
1761/tcp Novell Zenworks Remote Control utility – CONFLICT with registered use: cft-0 Unofficial, Conflict
1812/UDP radius, RADIUS authentication protocol
1813/UDP radacct, RADIUS accounting protocol
1863/tcp MSN Messenger Official
1900/udp Microsoft SSDP Enables discovery of UPnP devices Official
1935/tcp Macromedia Flash Communications Server MX Official
1972/tcp InterSystems Caché Official
1972/udp InterSystems Caché Official
1984/tcp Big Brother – network monitoring tool Official
2000/udp Cisco SCCP (Skinny) Official
2000/tcp Cisco SCCP (Skinny) Official
2002/tcp [Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) for Windows] Unofficial
2030 Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server Unofficial
2031/tcp mobrien-chat – Mike O’Brien <> November 2004 Official
2031/udp mobrien-chat – Mike O’Brien <> November 2004 Official
2049/UDP nfs, NFS Server
2053/TCP knetd, Kerberos de-multiplexor
2082/tcp CPanel’s default port – CONFLICT with registered use: Infowave Mobility Server Unofficial, Conflict
2083/tcp CPanel’s default port for SSL connections Unofficial
2086/tcp WebHost Manager’s default port – CONFLICT with registered use: GNUnet Unofficial, Conflict
2087/tcp WebHost Manager’s default port for SSL connections Unofficial
2095/tcp CPanel’s default port for webmail connections Unofficial
2096/tcp CPanel’s default port for webmail connections via SSL connections Unofficial
2181/tcp EForward-document transport system Official
2181/udp EForward-document transport system Official
2222/tcp DirectAdmin’s default port Unofficial
2427/udp Cisco MGCP Official
2447/tcp ovwdb – OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) daemon Official
2447/udp ovwdb – OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) daemon Official
2710/tcp XBT Bittorrent Tracker Unofficial
2710/udp XBT Bittorrent Tracker experimental UDP tracker extension Unofficial
2809/tcp corbaloc:iiop URL, per the CORBA 3.0.3 specification.
Also used by IBM WebSphere Application Server Node Agent
2809/udb corbaloc:iiop URL, per the CORBA 3.0.3 specification. Official
2967/udp Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition Unofficial
3000/tcp Miralix License server Unofficial
3001/tcp Miralix Phone Monitor Unofficial
3002/tcp Miralix CSTA Unofficial
3003/tcp Miralix GreenBox API Unofficial
3004/tcp Miralix InfoLink Unofficial
3006/tcp Miralix SMS Client Connector Unofficial
3007/tcp Miralix OM Server Unofficial
3050/tcp, udp gds_db Official
3074/tcp, udp Xbox Live Official
3128/tcp HTTP used by web caches and the default port for the Squid cache Official
3305/tcp, udp ODETTE-FTP Official
3306/tcp, udp MySQL Database system Official
3333/tcp Network Caller ID server Unofficial
3389/tcp Microsoft Terminal Server (RDP) officially registered as Windows Based Terminal (WBT) Official
3396/tcp Novell NDPS Printer Agent Official
3689/tcp DAAP Digital Audio Access Protocol used by Apple’s iTunes Official
3690/tcp Subversion version control system Official
3724/tcp World of Warcraft Online gaming MMORPG Unofficial
3784/tcp Ventrilo VoIP program used by Ventrilo Official
3785/udp Ventrilo VoIP program used by Ventrilo Official
4007/tcp PrintBuzzer printer monitoring socket server Unofficial
4089/udp OpenCORE Remote Control Service Official
4089/tcp OpenCORE Remote Control Service Official
4100 WatchGuard Authentication Applet – default port Unofficial
4226/tcp Aleph One (computer game) Unofficial
4226/udp Aleph One (computer game) Unofficial
4569/udp IAX – Inter-Asterisk eXchange Unofficial
4662/tcp eMule – port often used Unofficial
4672/udp eMule – port often used Unofficial
4894/tcp LysKOM Protocol A Official
4899/tcp RAdmin remote administration tool (program sometimes used as a Trojan horse) Official
5000/tcp Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) – Windows network device interoperability; CONFLICT with registered use: commplex-main Unofficial, Conflict
5001/tcp Slingbox and Slingplayer Unofficial
5003/tcp Filemaker Filemaker Pro Official
5050/tcp Yahoo! Messenger Yahoo! Messenger Official
5060/tcp Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Official
5060/udp Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Official
5061/tcp Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) over Transport Layer Security (TLS) Official
5121 Neverwinter Nights and its mods, such as Dungeon Eternal X Unofficial
5190/tcp ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger Official
5222/tcp XMPP/Jabber – client connection Official
5223/tcp XMPP/Jabber – default port for SSL Client Connection Unofficial
5269/tcp XMPP/Jabber – server connection Official
5432/tcp PostgreSQL database system Official
5500/tcp VNC remote desktop protocol – for incoming listening viewer Unofficial
5517/tcp Setiqueue Proxy server client for SETI@Home project Unofficial
5631/tcp Symantec pcAnywhere Official
5800/tcp VNC remote desktop protocol – for use over HTTP Unofficial
5814/tcp,udp Hewlett-Packard Support Automation (HP OpenView Self-Healing Services) Official
5900/tcp ARD/VNC remote desktop protocol – regular port Unofficial
6000/tcp X11 – used between an X client and server over the network Official
6112/udp Blizzard’s gaming service – CONFLICT with registered use: “dtspcd” is a network daemon that accepts requests from clients to execute commands and launch applications remotely Unofficial, Conflict
6346/tcp Gnutella Filesharing (FrostWire, Limewire, Bearshare, etc.) Official
6347/udp Gnutella Official
6522/tcp Gobby (and other libobby-based software) Unofficial
6543/udp Jetnet – default port that the Paradigm Research & Development Jetnet protocol communicates on Unofficial
6346/tcp Gnutella Filesharing (FrostWire, Limewire, Bearshare, etc.) Official
6619/tcp, udp ODETTE-FTP over TLS/SSL Official
6667/tcp IRC (Internet Relay Chat) – port often used Unofficial
6668/tcp IRC (Internet Relay Chat) – port often used Unofficial
6669/tcp IRC (Internet Relay Chat) – port often used Unofficial
6881-6999/tcp, udp BitTorrent – full range of ports used most often Unofficial
6891-6900/tcp, udp MSN Messenger (File transfer) Official
6901/tcp, udp MSN Messenger (Voice) Official
6969/tcp BitTorrent tracker port – CONFLICT with registered use: acmsoda Unofficial, Conflict
7000/tcp Default Port for Azureus’s built in HTTPS Bittorrent Tracker Unofficial
7312/udp Sibelius License Server port Unofficial
8000/tcp iRDMI – often mistakenly used instead of port 8080 (The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ( officially lists this port for iRDMI protocol) Official
8000/tcp Common port used for internet radio streams such as those using SHOUTcast Unofficial, Conflict
8010/tcp XMPP/Jabber File transfers Unofficial
8080/tcp HTTP Alternate (http-alt) – used when running a second web server on the same machine (the other is in port 80), for web proxy and caching server, or for running a web server as a non-root user. Default port for Jakarta Tomcat. Official
8086/tcp HELM Web Host Automation Windows Control Panel Unofficial
8087/tcp Hosting Accelerator Control Panel Unofficial
8118/tcp Privoxy web proxy – advertisements-filtering web proxy Official
8087/tcp SW Soft Plesk Control Panel Unofficial
8222 VMware Server Management User Interface (insecure web interface)[3]. See also, port 8333 Unofficial
8291/tcp Winbox – Default port on a MikroTik RouterOS for a Windows application used to adminster MikroTik RouterOS Unofficial
8333 VMware Server Management User Interface (secure web interface)[4]. See also, port 8222 Unofficial
8400 Commvault Unified Data Management [5]. Official
8443/tcp SW Soft Plesk Control Panel Unofficial
8767 TeamSpeak – Default UDP Port Unofficial
8888/tcp Sun Answerbook dwhttpd server (deprecated by Unofficial
8888 NewsEDGE server (TCP 1, UDP 1) Official
8888/tcp GNUmp3d HTTP music streaming and web interface port Unofficial
9001 Tor network default port. CONFLICT with: cisco-xremote router configuration Unofficial, Conflict
9535/TCP man, Remote Man Server
9535 mngsuite – Management Suite Remote Control Official
9800 WebCT e-learning portal. CONFLICT with registered use: WebDav Source Port Unofficial, Conflict
9999 Hydranode – edonkey2000 control telnet port Unofficial
10000 Webmin – web based linux admin tool Unofficial, Conflict
10008 Octopus Multiplexer – CROMP protocol primary port, Official
11576 IPStor Server management communication Unofficial
11371 OpenPGP HTTP Keyserver Official
12345 NetBus – remote administration tool (often Trojan horse). Also used by NetBuster Unofficial
14567/udp Battlefield 1942 and mods Unofficial
15345/udp XPilot Official
16384/udp Iron Mountain Digital – online backup Unofficial
16567/udp Battlefield 2 and mods Unofficial
19226/tcp Panda Software AdminSecure Communication Agent Unofficial
20000 Usermin – web based user tool Official
20720/tcp Symantec i3 Web GUI server Unofficial
24800 Synergy: keyboard/mouse sharing software Unofficial
24842 StepMania: Online: Dance Dance Revolution Simulator Unofficial
26000/udp id Software’s Quake server Unofficial
27010 Half-Life and its mods, such as Counter-Strike Unofficial
27015 Half-Life and its mods, such as Counter-Strike Unofficial
27374 Sub7’s default port. Most script kiddies do not change the default port. Unofficial
27000/udp (through 27006) id Software’s QuakeWorld master server Unofficial
27500/udp (through 27900) id Software’s QuakeWorld Unofficial
27888/udp Kaillera server Unofficial
27900 (through 27901) Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Unofficial
27901/udp (through 27910) id Software’s Quake 2 master server Unofficial
27960/udp (through 27969) Activision’s Enemy Territory and id Software’s Quake III Arena and Quake III derived games Unofficial
28910 Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Unofficial
28960 Call of Duty 2 Common Call of Duty 2 port – (PC Version) Unofficial
29900 (through 29901) Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Unofficial
29920 Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Unofficial
31337/tcp Back Orifice – remote administration tool (often Trojan horse) Unofficial
31456-31458/tcp TetriNET ports (in order: irc, game, and spectating) Unofficial
32245/TCP MMTSG-mutualed over MMT (encrypted transmission) Unofficial


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