Diskspace warning

Windows machines running a low disk space,it will alert warnings to the users/computer.Frequency of warning alerts
The first warning – drive has less than 200 MB of available disk space.
The second warning – drive has less than 80 MB of available disk space.
Third Warning – drive has less than 50 MB of available disk space.

And the disk space decreases, the frequency of alerts increases.

How to disable the Low Disk Space warning by editing system registry.
* Navigate down to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows /       CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer
* If the NoLowDiskSpaceChecks key is not there, right-click to create a       new DWORD value with that name.
* Double-click on NoLowDiskSpaceChecks, enter 1 for the value
* Press OK and exit from REGEDIT

This is not advisable when the problem is on the C: drive(OS Installed).

What will happened when the machine is running on low disk?
Almost all the mahines paging files (virtual RAM)are on the same drive.This is a risk factor when the windows runs out of physical RAM memory,It can’t use enough space of HDD.
While opening large files ,or a Applications using good amount of RAM system will fail

When the drive falls under 50 MB of available disk space,warning message is delivered every four minutes.If you ignore this warning, then Windows will purge the ALL System Restore points, and suspend the System Restore function. System Restore will not be reactivated until 200MB of disk space becomes available on the system drive.

If the machines are updating like virus definitions,Replication datas or any files Automatically writing,This also will fail.

What I can delete from C Drive

First try to Delete temp folders,temp files,Un wanted files,Old log files

These $uninstall—-$ folders inside (c:\windows\$Uninstall—-$) are used whenever you want to uninstall a windows update. If you delete them, you can not uninstall the update(s), but if the updates are working fine for you,you can remove.Better move to other Drives.

C:\WINDOWS\MSOCache or c:\MSOCache
These files also can delete.This is a cache files of the programs installed.

Under this folder uses a LOT of space,holds a backup of every system file that windows uses. Deleting this will cause a SFC error when you replace a system file instead of windows putting back the original file.Better move to other Drives.

If any folder created when the service packs installed.This can also safely delete or Move to other drives

C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded installations\
Some of the programs downloaded and install from this folder.After the programs got instlled,this folder keeps the installation packages.These files also can safely remove from the system

Windows update patch source files located in these folder,and can delete or move files from here.


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