Tips to Disable cache in IE and Firefox

To fix your cache to a certain value in Firefox
*browser.cache.memory.enable and browser.cache.disk.enable needs to be True for this to work
1. Start up Firefox
2. Type about:config in the address bar and hit Enter
3. Search for browser.cache.memory.capacity and set a number in KB to use for the memory cache (ie. 1024KB = 1MB).
4. Search for browser.cache.disk.capacity and set a number in KB to use for the disk cache (ie. 1024KB = 1MB).

To Disable the cache Totally
Set both browser.cache.memory.capacity and browser.cache.disk.capacity to 0.
Alternatively, you can also set browser.cache.disk.enable and browser.cache.memory.enable to False.

Fixed cache capacity OR Disable Cache Totally
Every time new page is loaded, Firefox will cache the page so it doesn’t need to load again to be redisplayed. By default, this setting is set to -1 for browser.cache.memory.capacity and to a number you specified in Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network / Cache for browser.cache.disk.capacity

To Disable the cache Totally in IE
Tools ->internetoptions -> browsinghistory settings ->temporary internet files and history settings ->check for newer versions of stored pages to “NEVER” and diskspace to 8 (default) and days to keep pages in history to 0


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