Install a Replica DC from Media in Win2k3

Microsoft added a new feature In Windows Server 2003 is called “Install from Media”. This is a good option to install a ADC in remote site.

we can use System State backup from DC and copy it to new DC. The first and basic replication take place from the media, instead of across the network, this saving valuable time and network resources.

What we need?

Installed windows 2003 server with service pack.

A back up (below tombstone lifetime with a default of 60 days).

This works  only for the same domain,means cant install test.local to lab.local.

Take a  System State backup from DC

Type ntbackup from run window and select systemstate(click advanced tab and deselect backupmigrated remote storage data).copy this to a cd/dvd or USB and send it to remote place.

Remote side restore this data

Type ntbackup from run window and finish restore to somewhere in your server.


Start to create an ADC

Type Dcpromo/adv from run.

Click next showing on the Operating System Compatibility page .

On the Domain Controller Type page, click Additional domain controller for an existing domain, and

Then click Next.

On the Copying Domain Information page browse the restored backup (there are two options,one is over  Network and another is browse the location).

Type the username and password and userdomain on the Network Credentials page.(user account must be   a member of the Domain Admins group for the target domain).

Type the location for database and log folder(default c:\windows\ntds).

Type the location for sysvol folder and next type DSRM(Directory Services Restore Mode)

Administrator Password and begin the installation.

After finish the installation restart the system.


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